Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Top 20 wall art decor ideas for your new home in Clarksville

Top 20 wall art decor ideas for your new home in Clarksville Surround yourself with wall decor you love! Don't think about what you want. Have an open mind and be inspired. Design magazine pages with ideas or visuals, read and bookmark blogs. Visit museums and galleries, search for local artists, visit art websites. Explore the subjects you find attracted to. Take the jump and go there. Build your happy home you love. If you are working to decorate a small wall space, you are mostly limited to square footage. You know how precious floor space is. Wall decorations on the other hand does not take up floor space. If you need some inspiration for your walls, I have put together the top 20 of my favorite ideas to get you started. Whether with picture ledges or vintage maps, wall panels or clipboards, these wall decor ideas are sure inspire you.

#1 Hanging potted wall plants 

Wall mounted planters are a great green solution for those who love plants with little room. For example, you can create a sleek and spacious, succulent garden above your bed or only use a few plants anywhere.

#2 Fashion a flashy wall hangers 

Sometimes a bold wall decoration is all you need to bring a room with its character and visual interest. Find a flashy wall hanging or, if you dare, make yourself one. Then add color and texture to an otherwise empty wall.

#3 Hang your hats 

Storage hooks aren't just for hanging umbrellas or guitars.A few wall hooks like self- adhesive hooks are excellent for renters. It can turn an empty wall into a better way of storing your hats.

#4 Wall covered cork board 

Whether you're looking for a better way to hang photos or fashion a mood board in your home office space, a cork- covered corner wall is the perfect place to play with visuals.

#5 Picture ledge show off 

Are you looking for a stylish way to store and display some of your favorite items? Photos are surprisingly affordable and turn your beloved buildings into works of art immediately.

#6 Book show 

Love the look of a well- designed bookstore, but so about your big bookcase? Mountable ledges and shelves work wonders in a small space and offer a magazine style of books.

#7 Wall motif DIY 

Are you looking for a fun design project for a rainy weekend? Take a couple of cardboard pieces and stencil your own wall.

#8 Dried flowers 

Flowers can look lovely on a bare wall even when they are dried up. In the future, you will think twice about throwing away your dead flowers.

#9 New life for old crates 

For as simple as it is, wooden boxes can form a stupendously chic wall display. A wooden storage box wall offers plenty of storage, but it still looks just as good when it is empty.

#10 Wall calendar 

A large Lucite calendar turns a blank wall into a handy tool without sacrificing a centimeter of style.

#11 Leaning wall art 

I don't have the time or the energy to hang up all your favorite artwork, just lean your art against a floating shelf or picture ledge wall. This creates an easy- to- install streamlined display.

#12 Make a statement ceiling 

While this is a post about wall decoration, we urge you not to forget your ceiling and consider it a surface that you can decorate with. Most ceilings are often overlooked but still oozing with design potential and are a stylish way to turn a ceiling into the centerpiece of a room. Mode your own with paint or wallpaper and decorate a large interior with your ceiling.

 #13 String light magic 

A few string lights can turn a blank wall in seconds into a magic scene. You can even hang up photos on your string lights with mini clothespins for a more personalized lighting system.

#14 Make a magnetic or sticky wall 

Cook up a stylish yet kid-proof play space with magnetic or sticky wall DIYs.

#15 More mirrors 

Lean a large mirror against a short or narrow ledge. For example, a mirror on a fireplace mantel opens up a cramped space.

#16 Maps to the wall 

An oversize vintage map are great to fill oddly shaped walls with color and character real fast.

#17 Decorate with murals 

Turn a blank wall into a focal piece with a graphic wall mural. Wallpapers are available all over the internet. And if you rent, don't worry removable ones look just as cool.

#18 Storage decor 

There's no room in your tiny kitchen to store all your cans? Turn a wall slider into a streamlined storage display with some suspended rails.

#19 Garden wall trellis 

Turn an empty wall into a beautiful vertical garden. Use a wooden trellis for your garden to grow on. Gives your room a vintage look and feel.

#20 Wall sconce 

Wall sconces are a fashionable way to enhance your home's lightly deprived area. Place a pair of bulky table lamps on either side of your bed. Or use a single sconce for a sleek but highly functional light.

Monday, December 10, 2018

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